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Unpaid is designed for the collection of unpaid (delinquent) taxes. This software manages the unpaid taxes through foreclosure and handles the auction process.


Current Taxes

Tax is designed for current tax collection. This software is powerful yet easy to use. There are many reports, a printable tax roll with payment information, the ability to scan bar-coded bills, and integrated interfaces with escrow companies and lockboxes. Taxes may also be displayed for the public at www.taxlookup.net , reducing phone calls into the office. Unpaid taxes are also easily transferred to our Unpaid Software

Installment Contracts

Contract  manages the installment payments for one or more parcels in a contract.

Bill Printing

Our Bill Printing Software provides the capability to print current tax bills in bulk for School, Town, Village & County Taxes.

Credit Card

We offer the ability to accept Credit Cards & E-Checks through www.taxlookup.net

Welcome to ATC Taxes

We are focused solely on property tax collection. We provide software for the accounting of current taxes, delinquent through foreclosure taxes as well as installment contracts.

We are a NYS based famliy owned business and strive to provide our customers with powerful yet easy to use desktop software. We have been in business since 1980.

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